Presentation and commentaries by Father J.B. MANCEAUX R.I.P.

It was already midnight
when the cry rang out :
" here is the bridegroom "...
" Come and meet him ! "

(Mat. 25-6)

Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed
over death, His Reign is eternal,
He is coming to conquer the world and time.
You are living in the time when every event
is the sign of the written Word.
(Message of 28.3.75)


"Jesus the Meek, the Wise, His love is so great for men that He wants to save them in spite of everything." (45th App.)

The first time He descended among them, He, the Holy, the Good, the Just, was soon chased out of the world, and raised on a Cross at the age of 33 by sinful Man inspired by Satan. Immediately raised up by the Hand of the Father, resurrected and "ascended to Heaven on the cloud", He received the name of "Lord" and "all power was given to Him on Heaven and on earth". "He is seated at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty from whence He will come to judge the living and the dead."

The ardent hope of the first generations of Christians, awaiting the King whose "Kingdom will have no end", was the return of the "Lord" in glory. They called this event "Parousia", a Greek word meaning "presence" designating the first visit of a King to his cities. For the Return of the Lord Jesus will be His "royal apparition" in His Holy City, Jerusalem, as Supreme Ruler and Judge, overflowing with meakness and mercy. Holy Scripture uses with the same meaning the words : advent, manifestation, apparition, apocalypse, revelation. It will indeed be the major, ultimate and definitive event of sacred history, the universal social triumph of Christ the King avenging His personal annihilation and the social lowliness of His first advent, from the cave in Bethlehem to the Cross of Golgotha.

The apparent "delay" of this return, delay granted to mankind by mercy of the Father, has caused the predicted waning of charity, and the progressively diminishing expectancy or "eschatological hope", despite the Lord's prayer, endlessly repeated : "Adveniat regnum tuum"; -("May Thy Kingdom come" !) And Christians, in the wake of the world, have returned to the development of passing ideals, of a worldly paradise. Blinded by materialism, men have shut their eyes to Heavenly Light and proclaimed that their darkness is "light".

Humanity, a collective social order led "by the Prince of this World", has always refused Christ's Reign : "We don't want this one ruling over us". The collective pressure of this refusal is the great temptation hanging over each of us, which forces Christians to struggle without respite. Man would like peace and freedom, order, tolerance and charity, equality and justice, fraternity and unity. He aims at all these human values that Christ's doctrine offers, while warping them, but he does not want the "King of Kings" and the "Lord of Lords" Himself. Claiming that "man's only God is man", he proclaims : "We want neither God nor master !".

The great eschatological confrontation becomes inevitable with such a Luciferian refusal, for "there is no other name under Heaven by which we can be saved" than the name of Jesus. The time of His return is near, the moment has been "fixed by the Supreme Power of the Father". He is coming to crush the Liar and his satellites in a terrible battle, "such as has never been since the beginning of the world until today, and which will never be again". (33rd App.).

Three hundred years ago, Jesus confided in "His Heart's eldest son", the French King, Louis XIVth. It was in 1689. He asked four things of him through His messenger, Saint Margaret Mary of Paray-le-Monial. The institution of a feast, and the building of a Temple in honour of his Royal Love : the consecration in this temple of the kingdom of France, and the affixing of His Heart to the emblems of the royal Household. The feast of the Sacred Heart was instituted for the whole of France in 1765, on the initiative of Marie Leszczinska, France's Polish Queen. The Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur was voted by French Parliament in 1873, and built on the hill of Montmartre, but France has still not been consecrated to Him...

Jesus will not capitulate. He wants hearts and He will have them, as He promised ; "I shall reign in spite of my enemies". Here He comes "on the clouds of Heaven". The firmament half opens and the Glorious Cross, Sign of the Son of Man, challenges the whole of humanity : "Everyone will see Him, even those who pierced Him". Then the Sacred Heart makes His way with power and great glory, adorned with the insignia of royalty : the crown, the sceptre, the royal robe. It is the Parousia ! It is a manifestation of Spirit and of power, for it is in hearts that He wants to establish His reign, hidden in the Eucharist through which he works. At Dozulé as at Paray-le-Monial He revealed His Eucharistic Heart by appearing in Light emanating from His Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

"He is coming to conquer the world and time"(28th App.)
"His return is near ! "

He has warned humanity by an "ultimate and definitive message", with words from the Holy Scriptures, of which the Church is the safeguard, with words from divine liturgy.

"My Father, whose Goodness is infinite, wants to make His Message known to the world in order to avoid the catastrophe."(36th App.) Listen to Him !...

At Dozulé, the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus announced to the whole of humanity that His Reign of Love, requested of Louis XIV without effect, is near : "Rejoice, for the time is near when the Son of Man will return in glory." (14th App.) By His return "with great power and majesty", Jesus' Name will be glorified as much as it was humiliated and insulted in His first advent.

"God has made known what must happen tomorrow at dawn" (45th App.) Today is the time of man ; twilight, the "end of time". Tomorrow will rise on earth, the dawn of the 8th day. The advent of the "Kingdom of God" : "Behold, God's dwelling will appear among you." (48th App.)

"The time is drawing near, see, I am coming ! Amen ! " (10th App.)...

It was from the monstrance
that Jesus spoke to the world
on this November 1st,
without appearing,
and it was always in the place
of the tabernacle or monstrance
that His Apparitions were to occur.

Madeleine was born on October 27, 1924, of a good family of agricultural workers, in Putot-en-Auge, at the foot of the Haute-Butte (High Mound). At baptism, she received the name of Madeleine, a predestined name which secretly designated her for an exceptional mission. As Mary Magdalen was sent to the apostles, to announce the Good News of Christ risen from the dead, she herself will be sent to the pastors of a scattered flock, to announce to them the glorious return of the Son of Man who is coming to conquer evil and reign with love and mercy.
Madeleine was married at Putot on August 14th, 1948. Five children were born into this working-class family. On August 3rd, 1968, the family came to live on the outskirts of Dozulé. In 1970, just before their second Easter since moving to Dozulé, she decided to fulfill "her Easter duties". The paschal Vigil fell precisely on March 28th, a notable date in the Apparitions. "This night is illuminated like the day", sings the liturgy. On Easter morning, Madeleine received Holy Communion and entered the "admirable light" of the Living God. She would never come out of it again : the following Sunday, again receiving Holy Communion, she was invaded by a peaceful and unequalled Joy, in comparison with which earthly pleasures have no more appeal. Something had just suddenly and definitely changed : Madeleine had been seized by the light of Christ-Eucharist. For two years, her spiritual life was to intensify to daily communion, and on Holy Tuesday, March 28th, 1972, there appeared to her opposite the house, a large luminous cross at the top of the Butte. It was the first act of the Dozulé message.

Now it was also on Holy Tuesday that Jesus announced the events of the End of Time, in his "eschatological discourse" that is reported by each of the four evangelists. What Jesus replied, the Dozulé message announces to the whole world, no longer as something to come, but as a unique and formidable drama which is unfolding under our eyes today : "You are living in the times when every event is the sign of the written Word." (28th App.)

The MESSAGE cries to the world that the return of Christ the King is near. The sign of His advent is the Glorious Cross. This is why we must overflow with joy in everyone's presence and not lament like those who have no hope : "When these things begin to happen, concluded Jesus, stand up and raise your heads, because your Delivrance is near". (Luc 21,28).


Monday May 10th 1982
Father Jean-Baptiste Manceaux
(M.S.M.) meeting with Madeleine and her husband.

His book
has been published on August 15th 1983


The message comprises 49 visions, from March 28th, 1972 to October 6, 1978. Here are some elements of synthethis to facilitate its understanding : There were 33 apparitions of Jesus to which can be added two quite short ones without words. As He always presented Himself in the place of the Eucharist, it would be more correct to say that the Eucharistic Heart appeared 35 times in the Chapel of Saint Joseph, nearly always in the presence of the Parish Priest and with the nuns as privileged witnesses, making a verbatim report of the ecstasies each time.
Five visions took place without an Apparition : the Host shone like a sun while Jesus' voice came from it (3 times). On two occasions, it was Michael who spoke. The most important of these visions was the one on All Saints Day, 1974, during which Jesus, facing the people and the world they represented, pronounced a summary of the discourse He gave long ago to His disciples before the Holy City of Jerusalem.
The other nine visions were divided like this : Two apparitions and words from Saint Michael, six apparitions of the Glorious Cross and the seventh "on the clouds". These 49 visions hide a divine plan, which seems to unfold in seven phases ...
A little more about the sites of the visions : eight on the Haute-Butte (the High Mound), including the first seven ; 39 in the nun's chapel. Finally, two in the Church, on the noteworthy dates of All Saints Day, 1974, and Good Friday, 1975.

Anyone who knows the Bible will have quickly noticed that a good many words of the message are implicit quotations from the Holy Scriptures. 120 have been identified. It is an evident proof of authenticity, which has been given as "God's unique sign" : "The only visible sign is the attitude of this servant and her words which are God's Words, and these words are irrefutable." Still more surprising ; there are 17 Latin phrases, 11 of which are implicit quotations from the Gregorian liturgy of the following feasts : Second Sunday of Advent, Christmas, Rogations of the Ascension, Pentecost, Whit-Monday and Whit-Tuesday, Dedication of a church, Finding of the Holy Cross (May 3rd), Saint John the Baptist (June 24th), Saint Raphael (October 24th).

To conclude, it must be pointed out that the message has a close relationship with the Holy Year, (for instance : ont the 5th of December 1975, Jesus dictated the 9 promises of the novena and added : "this novena will prolong the Holy Year." On that same day, in Rome, Pope Paul VI closed the "Holy Door" of the Basilica of St Peter's opened for the duration of the Holy Year 1975...) and also with the Apparitions of the Sacred Heart to Saint Margaret Mary, of which 1973 was the 3rd Centenary. And, what is more, there are also several resemblances with the Apparitions of the Mother of Mercy at Pellevoisin. (We must add the exact similarity between the promises given in Dozulé and these given 38 years sooner in Poland to Sister Faustina).

"You are living in the time when each event is the sign of the written Word" Jesus said on Good Friday, 1975. On November 2nd, 1973, he said : "You are living in the time of the Supreme effort of evil against Christ. Satan has been let out of his prison. He has taken possession of the whole earth. Gog and Magog, their number is incalculable. Whatever happens, do not worry. All will be thrown into the fire forever. Blessed are they who are captivated only by the Supreme God !"

The past events of this XXth century already resound like a Tocsin. The Word entrusted to "Madeleine" for all humanity - quoting the Prophets, the Gospel and The Apocalypse - resounds like an alarm signal. Will we listen to these unanimous warnings of the Scriptures, events, reason and the present message ? Or saturated with scientific knowledge, materialistic technical progress, with our ephemeral wellbeing are we going to close our eyes to the Light, like the Jews on approaching the Messiah whom they did not recognise ? We would deserve, as they did this judgement of the Gospel : "Even though he had performed all these miracles in their presence, they did not believe in Him. They could not believe, as Isaiah had said : "God has blinded their eyes and closed their minds so that their eyes would not see and their minds would not understand and they would not turn to me says God, for me to heal them" (Jn. 12,37).

The poor in heart, the multitude of workers in factories and fields, Jesus of Nazareth's beloved should cease to lean on man and his means, and rely with trust on the Divine Heart overflowing with love for them : They should read and meditate, through prayer, this "unique and definitive message" with its boundless dimensions ; they should distrust today's pharisees who attempt to dissuade them from believing and being converted, remember this invitation to perseverance : "I will grant all kinds of graces to those who, knowing My message persevere to the End. It will be at the moment when you no longer believe in it, that the message will be accomplished because you know neither the Day nor the Hour when I shall return in Glory" (35th App.)

On this day, all will see Him !... But it will be too late to believe and be converted... "And still", the Lord sighs, "I wanted with all my Heart to save them !".

Father Jean Baptiste MANCEAUX - (M.S.M.)

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