Paris, 24th June 2011
Feast of St.John the Baptist
Dear Friends of the Glorious Cross,
      On 28 th March 2011, over 4000 pilgrims climbed to pray on the Haute-Butte at Dozulé. An Italian group was able to celebrate Mass at 7.30 a.m. in Dozulé church, and the parish priest welcomed us to 8.30 Mass on this anniversary of the first apparition of the Glorious Cross in the heavens 39 years ago. We invite you to share our profond joy.
      Monseigneur Jean Claude Boulanger came from 24th to 29th May for his pastoral visit to Dozulé town. This visit closed with a solemn Mass and 'First Communion" on Sunday 29 th May, Mothers' Day in France, feast of Mary and mother of all humanity, in the presence of all the inhabitants of Dozulé, thanks to which the church was overflowing. The Mass terminated with a declaration* by the parish priest in the presence of Monseigneur Boulanger "The Haute-Butte is a private property where prayers are said privately, in accordance with a private custom." Madame Marie Hélène M. is encharged with acting as coordinator between the parish and the pilgrims who often come from a considerable distance." Then he blessed Madame Marie Hélène M. who thanked him and also thanked Monseigneur Boulanger.
            Thank you all in advance for Masses of Thanksgiving. Yes, thank you Mother Mary, thank you Jesus our Saviour, thank you Blessed John-Paul II, thank you Monseigneur Boulanger, thank you to the parish priest of Dozulé. May each of you inform those around you, without forgetting, priests, monks, religious and sisters, for there is no longer question of sects or dupes. And very important : please send your "testimonies" to Bayeux, as the canonical enquiry continues.
          On Sunday, 18 September, 2011, Liturgical feast of the Glorious Cross, we invite you to come in numbers to pray on the Haute-Butte at Dozulé, as in past years.
            In communion of prayer in Jesus, Mary, Joseph.
                                                                                                                     Monique Roque.
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* In conformity with Canonical Law for reason
of the thirty years of daily on the Haute-Butte at Dozulé.
(tr.note : Haute-Butte = High Rise : hillock)

DOZULÉ (1972-1978) The MESSAGE of CHRIST
which asked the Church for ONE Cross 738 m high to save the whole world :

this was REFUSED
So now, JESUS is asking for thousands of Crosses 7.38m high all over the world
to protect and save before His Return in Glory to the Earth.

Thousands of Crosses over the World

Read, meditate on and spread

The Cross and what threatens us :

"Make this Message known and put it into practice", said Jesus ; and as long ago as 12th June 1973 (8° App.) : "Order the Bischop to announce My Law and to raise the Glorious Cross and the Sanctuary of Reconciliation on the precise spot where Madeleine saw it six times, and, all of you, come to it in procession"... "You are My friends if you do what I command you" (10° App.).

"After the evangelisation of the whole world, then I shall return in Glory" (11° App.)... "You are living in the time of supreme effort of Evil agains Christ. Satan has been let out of his prison. He has taken possession of the whole earth" (12° App.).

"Tell the Church to renew her Message of Peace to the whole world because the hour is grave. Satan is directing the world, he seduces minds, makes them capable of destroying humanity in a few minutes. If humanity does not resist him, I shall give him leave to act, and that will be a catastrophe such as there hasn't yet been since the Flood, and that before the end of the century. All those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross will be saved" (14° App.).

"Tell the Church to send the Messages all over the world and to hurry in erecting, at the place indicated, the Glorious Cross and, at its foot, a sanctuary. Everyone will come there to repent and to find Peace and Joy. The Glorious Cross, or the Sign of the Son of Man, is the announcement of the approaching Return in glory of the Risen JESUS. When this Cross has been raised from the ground, I shall draw everything to Myself". (16° App., 3rd May 1974)

.........37 Years later, nothing has been done !

The two successive Bishops in charge of Dozulé
have cast doubt on this Message of Christ.

So a modest, temporary Cross has been raised by the faithful on the precise spot indicated by Our Lord. The Holy Rosary is said there each day. And a large international pilgrimage is made by thousands of pilgrims twice a year, on the Feast of the Glorious Cross (14th September in Liturgy) and on 28th March, the anniversary of Christ's first apparition at Dozulé, for, said JESUS "the Glorious Cross is the Risen Jesus".

Thousands of Crosses over the World

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